SMINE Resources Sdn Bhd (SRSB) specializes in OJT (On-Job-Training) Student Development Program whereby OJT Students are required to perform practical on-job-training with specific food and/or beverage establishments (known as OJT Facilitators) while undergoing a professional certification, namely Professional Diploma in Food & Beverage Operation & Management (OJT) to be conducted and awarded by a reputable Local University which is a consortium of 11 Malaysian public universities with worldwide affiliation.

SRSB is officially appointed by the University as the OJT Student Management Programme Associate and its job function is to identify suitable and relevant food and/or beverage establishments that support this OJT Student Development Program as well as source for local candidates who are interested to seek better opportunities under this specially designed professional study cum on-job-training development program.


This OJT Student Development Program is professionally designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to acquire work experience in order to develop the necessary skills and attitudes for their entry or re-entry into the appropriate working environments. In addition, it develops a cadre of skilled workers from whom employers of F&B establishments can source and match the manpower needs of their operations.

SRSB is committed to promote professionalism with entrepreneurial advancement in the service sector, especially in the F&B industry. The current shortage of qualified professionals in the F&B service industry propelled us to embark on this Food & Beverage OJT Student Development Program whereby OJT Students are required to perform practical on-job-training with specific F&B establishments while undergoing the professional certification namely Professional Diploma in Food & Beverage Operation & Management (OJT) based on evaluation from the scope of the OJT engagement.

OJT Students must bear in mind NOT to take this OJT Student Development Program as an opportunity to make some "part-time" money with a "Job-Hop" mental attitude but rather it must be taken seriously as an academic cum practical training exercise that can spearhead towards a professional career path, thus warrant a better future with the first step taken to acquire invaluable experiences through proper on-job-training and obtain a recognized certification from a reputable University with worldwide affiliation.


This OJT Student Development Program target individuals with the following objectives:

  • To match academic and vocational skills of prospective apprentices with labor market needs;
  • To encourage individuals to adopt specific strategies and positive work attitudes in order to enhance their chances of successfully sustaining employment opportunities;
  • To inspire and motivate individuals to maximize the benefits to be derived from their participation in this OJT Student Development Program ;
  • To facilitate the improvement of self-respect, self-esteem and confidence among individuals, thereby enhancing their ability to interact successfully in the wider community;
  • To assist individuals in developing the professional and interpersonal skills necessary for success in the workplace;
  • To forge strategic alliances with private and public sector employers in the creation of job opportunities and the development of human resource capacity;
  • To create a cadre of trained individuals with relevant job exposure, able to feed into the F&B service industry.
  • To spearhead the development of F&B professionals and nurture them into F&B entrepreneurs.


The benefits of this OJT Student Development Program are as follows:

  • OJT Students are provided with job experience; an invaluable asset for achieving gainful employment;
  • OJT Students become more familiar with interpersonal relationships, networking, responsibility and the importance of interdependence within the working environment;
  • OJT Students are exposed to the numerous benefits that are associated with being employed;
  • OJT Students shall receive a written testimonial from their respective OJT Facilitator upon the successful completion of this OJT Student Development Program ;
  • OJT Students shall also receive a recognized certification, namely Professional Diploma in Food & Beverage Operation & Management (OJT) awarded by a reputable Local University upon the successful graduation of the professional course;
  • The Course Registration & Admission Fee, Course Fee, Course Materials, Exam & Assessment Fee and other educational and related charges shall be FULLY SPONSORED subject to terms and conditions;
  • Pleasant On-Job-Training environment, mostly in Fine & Semi-Fine Dining, and up-market Bistro & Cafe establishments;
  • Excellent career opportunities in the management of F&B outlets and eventually fulfill the dream of being an F&B entrepreneur.


OJT Students shall receive the following Packages:

1st Year (OJT Allowance + Performance Incentives):
RM1,000.00 to RM1,400.00 (Ringgit Malaysia One Thousand to One Thousand Four Hundred) per month;

2nd Year (OJT Allowance + Performance Incentives):
RM1,200.00 to RM1,600.00 (Ringgit Malaysia One Thousand Two Hundred to One Thousand Six Hundred) per month;

3rd Year (OJT Allowance + Performance Incentives):
RM1,400.00 to RM1,800.00 (Ringgit Malaysia One Thousand Four Hundred to One Thousand Eight Hundred) per month;

  • The monthly guaranteed "take-home" OJT Allowance is RM1,000.00 for the 1st Year <> RM1,200.00 for the 2nd Year <> RM1,400.00 for the 3rd Year;
  • OJT Students are certainly going to get a much higher "take-home" package, taking into consideration the following benefits like service tips/points, monthly performance incentives, overtime claims and year-end bonuses, if any, besides provisions for meals, accommodation, and reimbursement of transportation expenses, if any, that are provided by the respective OJT Facilitator. With these added benefits, OJT Students should get a few hundred Ringgit more every month in addition to the regular Allowances stated above;
  • Accommodation shall be provided by the respective OJT Facilitator for only outstation OJT Students who has yet to work or live in the Klang Valley, subject to availability of staff-house maintained by the respective Facilitator;
  • Duty meals shall be provided by the respective OJT Facilitator on OJT days according to the standard provisions of the respective OJT Facilitator;
  • Transportation shall be provided or the cost reimbursed by the respective OJT Facilitator in cases whereby the shift duty goes beyond midnight on any OJT day. However most staff-houses are within walking distance from the place of OJT;
  • Service Points, Performance Incentives and/or Bonuses, if any, are subject to the standard operation procedures;
  • Distribution of any accumulated Service Tips are subject to the standard distribution procedures of OJT Facilitator;
  • Overtime, if any, are payable subject to the standard operation procedures;
  • Medical Benefits & Sick/Annual Leave shall be in accordance to the standard provisions of the respective OJT Facilitator;
  • EPF and SOCSO shall be contributed according to the provisions under the Labour Laws;
  • OJT Engagement Uniform shall be provided by the respective OJT Facilitator;
  • OJT Student Uniform shall be provided by the University.


OJT Students DO NOT need to pay any money as the professional certification, namely Professional Diploma in Food & Beverage Operation & Management (OJT) is FULLY SPONSORED under the OJT Student Development Program.

For your information; any professional course, especially Diploma courses conducted and awarded by reputable Local Colleges or Universities can easily cost RM25,000 to RM30,000 or more!


  • Completed SPM or its equivalent; though result is not an important criterion;
  • Preferably with some work experience, though not necessary;
  • Work experience in F&B establishments have an added advantage, though not necessary;
  • Ability to converse fairly in the English language is the basic requirement. Conversant in any other languages besides the Chinese language (Mandarin or any Chinese dialect) and/or Bahasa Malaysia, are a definite advantage;
  • Preferably male and female ages between 19-25 years old are eligible to apply;
  • Those above 25 years of age shall be considered on case-to-case basis;
  • Only applicable to Malaysian citizens or Permanent Residents;
  • Willing to relocate if currently you are not residing in the Klang Valley (KL / PJ);
  • You are required to declare that you are not suffering from any prolong health problems, mental disorders, contagious diseases, skin diseases, physical handicap, visible deformities, visible birth marks, etc.


  • Duration of Programme: Thirty-Six (36) months;
  • Engagement Hours: Seven (7) regular work hours plus three (3) OJT hours per OJT day; Maximum engagement hours per week shall not exceed a total of sixty (60) engagement hours;
  • Classroom Lecture Days: Two (2) morning lectures per week from 9a.m. to 12 noon.
OJT Students need to perform the three (3) OJT hours per OJT day as it is under the requirements of the professional course of which its grading system in examinations and/or assessments are based on hands-on performances during engagement of the on-job-training at 70% and theoretical assignments in classroom lectures at 30%.


OJT Students must adhere to the following Rules & Regulations throughout the OJT Student Development Program as described below:

  • Conform to all rules, regulations and instructions of the respective OJT Facilitator and the University;
  • Practice good conduct and behavior at all times;
  • Not to take up any other study courses without the prior written consent from the respective OJT Facilitator and the Unversity;
  • Not to take up any employment whether on a part time or full time basis;
  • Not to engage or participate in any activities detrimental to the interests of the respective OJT Facilitator, SRSB, the University and its appointed partners or associates.


The professional certification namely Professional Diploma in Food & Beverage Operation & Management (OJT) consist of Career Certificate Level 1 & 2 over a period of twenty-four (24) months and thereafter proceed to undertake the Entrepreneurial Development Skills' Training (EDST) Program for another twelve (12) months or longer subject to prevailing conditions at that point in time. During this period, OJT Students shall be assessed on their ability to effectively manage and operate an F&B outlet. As such, OJT Students shall undergo further professional training under the existing OJT Facilitator or any appointed EDST Facilitator by by SRSB; to develop the necessary entrepreneurial skills in running F&B businesses.

EDST Facilitators are food and/or beverage establishments that operate chain restaurants or offer franchise opportunities. Upon successful completion of the EDST Program with satisfactory assessment results, OJT Students may opt to work in F&B establishments and thereby develop a management career or be offered franchise opportunities to operate food and/or beverage franchise businesses.


Alternatively, upon successful completion of the OJT Student Development Program, OJT Students may opt to enroll for a Degree certification namely Executive Bachelor in Hotel & Resort Operation & Management (OJT) which is a 4-year Degree Course or other relevant or equivalent courses conducted by the University subject to availability of the course at that point in time.

However, having completed the Professional Diploma in Food & Beverage Operation & Management (OJT) course with satisfactory overall performances and compulsory passing grades, the Executive Bachelor Degree course shall be reduced to 2-3 years subject to the terms and conditions of admission at that point in time.

Subject to further terms and conditions, SRSB shall undertake to sponsor OJT Students who opt to continue with the Executive Bachelor in Hotel & Resort Operation & Management (OJT) or other relevant or equivalent courses conducted by the University.


Interested candidates need to submit detail resume and recent photographs together with photocopies of the following:

  • RECENT passport-size color photo (formal attire with white background);
  • RECENT full-body color photo (decent attire);
  • SPM Certificate or its equivalent and any other certification;
  • Any documented evidence (Letter of Appointment; Testimonial; Pay-slip; etc) of work experiences in any industry;
  • Local OJT Student Application Form; duly signed with complete details;
  • The University Application For Admission Form; duly signed with complete details.
All the above must be presented during interview except for "The University Application For Admission Form" which you shall received upon confirmation. The "Local OJT Student Application Form" can be printed from the bottom of this website.


The OJT Student Development Program is designed to develop a life-long professional career incorporating all the elements of training, nurturing and developing an average individual into a true professional and beyond.

The professional course, namely Professional Diploma in Food & Beverage Operation & Management (OJT), provides the much needed academic qualification which is the basic foundation in developing a career.

The posting of on-job-training engagement develops the necessary skills and thereby acquire invaluable experiences that leads to the path of professionalism.

The Entrepreneurial Development Skills' Training (EDST) Program is designed to pave an inroad into the business world with the creation of unlimited business opportunities for an average individual who is ready to put his/her heart and soul into learning the skills of a true entrepreneur.


DO NOT PROCASTINATE! TIME is money and TIME does not wait for anybody. If you sit and wait, nobody can help you and nothing happens. You will still be what you are, 3 or more years from now. You will be in the same situation, doing what you are doing now or worst, not doing anything at all; No career advancement; No self development; Lack of work experience; No improvement in income; No appropriate qualification; and possibly even out of job!

On the contrary, if you grab this opportunity, 3-4 years from now you will definitely make tremendous advancement in your career; develop positive outlook in self-esteem; acquire loads of working experience; earn an above average income; and possibly workout a business plan on this recession-proof business in the ever booming F&B industry.

With the right entrepreneurial mindset, some highly recommended credentials from the respective OJT and/or EDST Facilitator/s, and all the relevant work experiences you acquire plus a professionally recognized academic qualification, you may then approach the relevant government departments or agencies for an Entrepreneur Grant or Loan, if any, to kick-start your dream business. Outstanding OJT Students may even attract Angel Investors to invest in their operational and management skills thereby creating business opportunities in the years ahead. Otherwise, you will be confidently climbing the corporate ladder to a top management position ensuring yourself an excellent life-long career and live a comfortable lifestyle.

To excel or not to excel; The choice is yours! The career is yours! The life is yours!


Why the F&B industry is termed as "recession-proof and ever booming"? The majority of people in Malaysia are food-lovers. Whoever they may be; everybody needs to eat. So, to build a career or a business out of the F&B industry is a "sure-win" provided you are professionally trained and make sure you develop a positive mental outlook with a clear perspective of the industry.

You may not take this opportunity as a challenge since many young people think and feel that serving people (especially in the F&B industry) is a low-grade job and is not likely to take it as a career. In actual fact, the ability to serve professionally with an open-heart earns the highest appraisal and dignity, thus develop a positive outlook and boost your self-esteem.

Career with the F&B industry can even be considered as "glamorous" especially if one is attached to conglomerates that operate or own international-class hotels, luxurious ocean liners, high-class entertainment establishments, fine-dining restaurants, etc. But ultimately, it is much more glamorous to be your own boss.

So wake up and get up; do something for yourself. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. YOUR FUTURE IS ENTIRELY IN YOUR HANDS >>> Act Now !!!

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